Container Vegetable Gardens

Container Vegetable Gardens

I love the idea of planting a vegetable garden, but I don’t have the space or the time to tend to a traditional plot. Luckily, many of the most commonly planted and hearty vegetables can be planted in containers – for a container vegetable garden!

Garden 1

Sunset’s one-pot vegetable garden. Photo by Sunset (

Things to consider if you are starting your own container vegetable garden:

–          What to plant, of course! Tomatoes, peppers, pole beans, and herbs and lettuce all do well in containers. You can plant a combination of plants in one container or each separately – just be sure there is enough space for the plants to grow to their fullest without overcrowding.

–          Space. Consider dwarf vegetable varieties for limited space, or limit your plantings to just a few of your favorite items.

–          Watering. Containers will dry out faster than in-ground plantings. Know the amount of water your plants need, and consider using water controlled soil and larger containers so you are not held to watering constantly. And over-watering can be just as damaging – make sure your containers have enough drainage in the bottom. Check out the UrBin Grower container from Burpee. It includes a self-watering reservoir to take the guesswork out of watering, and a one-year money back guarantee if you are still on the fence about how it will work.

Check out these web posts on the Burpee and Better Homes and Gardens websites for ideas and inspiration. And this post from Sunset gives instructions for planting a single container garden with a variety of vegetables, with recipes to boot!

Tell us about your favorite vegetables to grow, and share some recipes!


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